Maximum Entry Deposit Ticket Book

  • Model: AFG100058i-2
These high quality deposit ticket books, AFG 100058i-2, are guaranteed to work with your bank or financial institution’s Image Character Recognition technology, for timely processing. Make record keeping and deposits a breeze with AFG 100058i-2 duplicate copy deposit tickets, which include 28 lines for deposit information.

AFG 100058i-2 deposit tickets are printed in black ink, on carbonless paper. Included on deposit ticket is your company name, address, contact information, bank information, and account number.

Each AFG 100058i-2 deposit ticket book includes 38 deposit tickets. Size: 8 7/8” x 3 3/8”

A VOIDED copy of your check must be faxed to 800.251.2108 or email an image to "info [at]" when the order is placed to complete your order.

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